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So you can find surfboards for beginners and high quality to progress, the best bodyboards online, skateboards, wetsuits for men or wetsuits for women, as well as surf clothing and surf accessories.

In addition, in Mundo Surf we support the sport, sponsoring both championships and athletes. Our team of team riders is formed by world champions, local heroes and young promises. They also use our material and guarantee its quality.

Pay by Paypal, debit or credit card through the Ibercaja platform, by bank transfer or bank deposit, 7 days after receiving your package, or in 3, 6 or 12 installments with our partner Sequra. Transactions are protected by a SSL security certificate, and we are adhered to Confianza Online, you have the guarantee that we comply with all regulations on electronic commerce.

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Cases of illness and outbreaks of norovirus are generally more common in the colder winter months. The majority of all outbreaks happen between November and April in countries north of the equator, and between May and September in those to the south. However, in places closer to the equator, noroviruses may be less seasonal.

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The WHO Foodborne Disease Burden Epidemiology Reference Group (FERG) recently issued a comprehensive report estimating the global burden of foodborne diseases. Noroviruses classify as:

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But this abundance of water does not reach everyone. In cities such as Lima, Sao Paulo and Mexico City, where the demand for this resource is very high, much of the drinking water is wasted due to inefficient use and poor facilities, thus aggravating the future crisis. It is the higher-income neighborhoods that waste the most water compared to the poor neighborhoods whose inhabitants suffer from daily water shortages.

But the problem is not just that water should reach everyone. In countries like Uruguay, where water coverage is 100%, almost half of the clean water is lost due to old pipes, theft or fraud. This is repeated throughout the region.

Only 2.5% of the world’s water is consumable. This is found in rivers, lagoons, snow-capped mountains, among others. As demand for water grows, cities are forced to rely on sources that are farther away from the city and more expensive to tap.

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Water treatment plants, such as the Taboada plant in Lima, have become an important part of the solution. Solid waste, instead of being dumped in the sea, can be reused and put to commercial use as fuel, fertilizer, and construction material.

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